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Support stockings provide good support to pregnant legs and stomachs

Which kind of stockings – knee-high, stay-ups or panty hose - women prefer to wear is a matter of taste. Once you are pregnant, knee-high stockings may feel uncomfortable and you just don’t feel very sexy wearing stay-ups, so quite a few pregnant women choose support stockings. Panty hoses offer support all the way up, including part of the stomach, and of course you can also wear it when you are 9 months pregnant.
But to give you the best basis for choosing, here are some of the advantages of each of the three types of stocking:
Knee-high support stockings may suffice if you don’t suffer from varicose veins above the knee, and they make a fine supplement to the long support stockings. If you have both types, you can change between them according to the clothes you are wearing. Use the knee-high stockings when you are wearing trousers and the panty hoses when you are wearing a dress or a skirt.
Stay-ups may have an advantage over panty hoses. Many pregnant women often feel hot and therefore prefer stay-ups as they feel a little cooler. In some cases, you might even be lucky enough to be able to wear them after your pregnancy provided that the size of your thighs hasn’t changed too much. One last advantage is that it is easier go to the bathroom when you are wearing stay-ups, and most pregnant women have to go several times a day.
As previously mentioned, the main advantages of support stockings are that they provide support to the entire leg and prevent varicose veins in the lower leg and just above the knee. Furthermore, they provide support to the stomach, and they are suitable for any kind of clothing, including long blouses, dresses and skirts and under your trousers on a cold winter day. They are often pregnant women’s preferred choice because they do not irritate the legs below the knee or in the middle of the thigh. However, it’s very much a matter of taste and depends on which kind of clothes you normally wear.
Why should you wear support stockings during pregnancy?
Support stockings help improve the circulation of blood in your legs, and you will often feel increased pressure in your legs during pregnancy. Support stockings help prevent your veins from expanding, and they assist the venous valves in pumping blood back to the heart.