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Compression stockings are worn by many people on a daily basis

The vast majority of people associate compression stockings with elderly people, but that doesn’t hold true anymore. It turns out that a lot of people would benefit from wearing compression stockings. Support stockings, or compression stockings which is their proper name, is a proven and well documented method for increasing the blood circulation in the legs.
But what is the actual function of compression stockings?
The heart pumps blood through the arteries out into the body. The blood returns to the heart through the veins. This is a strenuous task, especially to the veins in the legs which transport the blood towards the heart from the point in the body that is farthest away from the heart.
Compression stockings help the veins press the blood from the feet towards the heart by applying a pressure to the legs which is greatest at the ankles and decreasing close to the knee. In this way, the circulation of blood increases and the blood does not pool in the legs. The pressure which the stockings apply is expressed in different forms depending on where you look, but the most common forms are mmHg, which means millimetre of mercury, and denier (DEN).
For the stocking to have the desired effect, it should apply a pressure of 15-21 mmHg or 140 DEN.
Compression stockings have a good preventive effect on varicose veins, failing venous valves, blood clots in the legs and when your legs feel tired and swollen; these are inconveniences which are often seen during pregnancy when you have to sit down for a long time at work or during a journey, if you have to stand for a long time at a trade fair, etc.
An increasing number of people use them every day if they have a sedentary job. If your legs are tired and swollen after a long day at work, this may be due to the fact that the circulation of blood in your legs is a little slow. Compression stockings make a big difference and help relieve tired and swollen legs. If you stand a lot during the day, the static load on your legs will inhibit the circulation of blood in your legs. Compression stockings increase the blood circulation, thus reducing the fatigue and swelling of your legs.
When you travel, you often have to sit down for a long time, which makes you susceptible to leg swelling and blood clots. This not only applies to flights but also to travels by car or train, during which you cannot easily stand up and move around. Instead, you should move your legs every now and again sitting down. You will benefit from wearing compression stockings every time you travel as they help keep the blood circulation going.
During pregnancy, the blood system has to transport 20% more blood than usual. Furthermore, the hormones make the veins more elastic and they give way more easily. As a result, every other woman is experiencing problems with varicose veins during the first pregnancy. Regular exercise and the use of compression stockings from early pregnancy reduce the risk of varicose veins and blood clots.